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El came to me wanting a rebrand, a fresh start that fit her personality and her vision, and would really kick off her business. It’s something I hear often.

I see many photographers jumping into the business guns blazing, full of passion and enthusiasm, but without a proper brand, and as the business grows (or doesn’t) they go through a series of realisations such as ‘why am I attracting these clients when I really want to attract those clients?’ and ‘that logo I designed myself just doesn’t look right anymore’. A brand is more than a logo. More than a fancy website. It’s how you differentiate yourself and it’s how you attract the clients you want. It’s actually you in many different forms.

El had seen my other work and recognised the power of a beautiful, cohesive brand. She was ready to say goodbye to her old business name and embrace a new approach, one that’s entirely led by who she is as a person. After all, that’s what we’re selling as photographers, isn’t it? We each have our own approach, our own style, our own unique personalities. We want clients to come to us because they want us.

When we were putting the finishing touches on El’s brand, I convinced her to feature a biiiiig photo of herself as her facebook profile, rather than one of her favourite client images. In fact, we had our first argument over it! Luckily, I won. I told El, ‘You need to get over the fear and face the fact that YOU ARE YOUR BRAND!’ Put yourself out there!

The truth is, you are all I care about when I design your brand. But in order to sell you, I need to create a visual representation of you in those ‘many different forms’: a logo, all the printed and/or electronic material that you need in order to communicate your services, and a strong online presence.

El went the full hog. She got the basic branding package, blog customisation, a custom built website, pricelists, thank you cards, gift certificates and social media profiles. It was one of the fun-est projects I’ve worked on to date, mainly because El is such a joy of a human being; warm, funny, clever and vibrant. She’s exactly the sort of person I’d pick to take my family photos. And I’m very grateful for the beautiful new friendship that has grown out of us working together these past few months.

Here are some snippets of her brand image, but you’ll see a lot more (including her beautiful, heartwarming photography) if you pop by her facebook page, visit her blog, and go and see her beautiful new website in all it’s glory. You can also follow her on twitter, and let me just say, she is pretty damned funny, and I look forward to her tweets.

El is so excited and proud of her new business, and so am I!

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El - Thank you, my beautiful friend. Your hard work and amazing talent have been a gift in more ways than I can ever put into words, in both my new business adventures as well as a brand spankin’ new friend! I could never repay you for all you have given me! xoxoxo
…..and my tweets aren’t meant to be funny!!! It seems you are actually laughing AT me!!!

Fiona K - Gorgeous website, photos and branding… and wise words. Will try adding my face to FB page branding too.

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